Year - 2012

Stoke the fire.


A social communications platform quickly evolving to meet the growing needs of the enterprise technology marketplace. The company pivoted into a new space as I worked alongside the app architect and dev team to run through the UI and fine tune the experience.
Visual Design
  • Design trends change and the advent of modern UI required a complete revamp of assets
  • Timelines were tight as the company pushed for a quick turnaround to prepare for their relaunch
Having a solid framework allowed me to focus on making the user experience my top priority. Through continued user interviews it became clear that user flows were being disrupted by competing elements causing visual clutter. Further simplification of patterns and refining the design language made calls to action much easier to locate and kept user paths in line.
Trends In Time
10 years ago seems like a lifetime ago in regards to design trends. In a world of gradients and reflections I wanted Bonfyre 2.0 to stand out by using bold contrasting colors and combine that with easy to understand iconography. Patterns were developed to simplify menu and navigational elements to keep users attention where needed.