Delivering on Education


From kindergarten to retirement, Everfi builds a compelling digital curriculum that demands thorough research and design planning to engage with users. Everfi had a storied list of bespoke educational courses but most patterns and process' were not well documented. There were many inefficiencies and gaps in the cross-functional team process that caused delays in onboarding and execution.
Design Lead
Art Direction
UX Design
Product Design
  • An extensive library of bespoke content offerings in a walled garden of tribal knowledge.
  • Drastically different design systems with oddly similar user needs across platforms.
  • User testing limited to general unmoderated platforms with no end user data.  
As part of my onboarding I took it upon myself to audit the courses and their varied design systems. It was clear that teams were solving the same problems and borrowing solutions without fulling adopting their templates.
Interview stakeholders
Many courses and platforms were previous builds that needed a revamp to meet modern needs. As the sole in-house User Experience designer on the course side of the team I had unique access to SME, designers, PJMs, and external resources.
Identify pain points
Based on previous interviews, I noticed that younger users were simply working to complete a task. Elective learning was less 'gamified' but more informative. My solution was to look across these two 'builds' and find the common ground that could unify both sets of learners into a cohesive set of patterms.
Structure & Iterate
The previous team had built many patterns and templates that aimed to solve a set of user goals based on personas. When I realized that most solutions were simply iterations of the same concept I made it my mission to identify common ground and bring patterns into auto-layout formatting to speed up prototyping.
End users were a collection of students ranging from 5-75 and were therefore heavily guarded. Limited testing was previously handled through Trymata which can only give limited results. With persistence and great care my team was able to secure moderated testing and direct contact with end users to get a better gauge on how our product was being implemented and shared.