Market tough.

Cat5 Commerce

Cat5 was looking to consolidate 7 ecommerce sites with distinct branding and their own unique customer base. Over the next year TacticalGear.com and WorkBoots.com would emerge with new logos, design language, and marketing plans intended to retain loyal customers and prepare for future growth.
Visual Design
I chose bold colors and commanding fonts to convey strength & focus. This branding resonated well with the target demographic (law enforcement & the armed forces.)
Outfitting workers that handle the toughest of tasks and responsibilities, in shoes & apparel we stand behind. The goal was to convey strength & heritage—loyalty & trust.Heavy, weighted lines designed to resonate with the industry it serves. An emblem of pride and craftsmanship.

I love uncovering concepts that surprise you.
User retention hovered around 13% with low conversion rates. Efforts were made to increase brand loyalty with a rewards program and steady rotation of deals to bolster engagement. Playing off of the well known Department of Defense... DOD (Department of Deals) was able to alleviate our warehouse of older product.
Email & Social Marketing
Marketing for an e-retailer requires fresh, on-brand creative that does more than follow trends. One of the largest hurdles of advertising for over 400 brands is the fact that many lack resources to portray the aesthetic we spend so much time to develop. Strategic planning, good copy–and an in house studio go a long way to stay a step ahead of your competition.
Motion Graphics is an indispensable part of any marketing strategy as social media devours the advertising space. With over a billion daily active users and new trends popping up as platform developers design new features and algorithms that influence user behavior it is key to stay ahead of the curve.
Another marketing strategy we employed is creating easily digestible infographics to link with tactical and military sites and blogs for exposure to their viewers. A quick turn around on topical subject matter and the right partnerships can bring a lot of traffic from an otherwise underutilized market.
Bolstered by continued growth with our private label line, it was apparent that we needed to branch out. We partnered with a local print house to start our apparel line late 2017. Selecting some of the finest tri-blend shirts and working closely with our printer allowed us to create apparel for our customers that felt true to our story.