Lighten the load


The nation’s largest household goods relocation organization with a portfolio of brands including United Van Lines, Mayflower Transit, and UniGroup Logistics. The pandemic hit the transportation industry especially hard and moved its focus inward. My team was able to tackle a backlog of user requests and make large sweeping updates.
UX Design
Product Design
Graphic Design
  • NPS scores and user feedback were negatively impacted by abandoned epics.
  • Design Systems were in place but variants had popped up between apps.
  • User adoption was less than ideal with many key features going unnoticed.
Large Epics
Stakeholders requested big ticket items before peak season. Dissolving large epics into smaller stories allowed us to minimize blockers and deliver at an accelerated pace.
Guided Learning
"It's fun going around trying to find new features when you all do a release!"
The team supported me in spearheading user tutorials and learning. I chose Appcues to enable guided & trackable tutorials to coincide with future releases.
Saved Search Tabs
Based on user interviews, I noticed searching was an arduous task. Studying workflows, there was a high likelihood of repeat searches that used common identifiers. My solution was to build a saved search for common process' along with session saves with the use of tabs.
A new guaranteed shipment window was being requested by the business. To emphasize their importance I created a new asset I lovingly named the dingleberry. With only 10 pixels of padding to play with, list items could be highlighted and relay its higher margins without requiring new columns.
I began using this software to create engaging tutorials for new features and releases. Realizing our new tool could get in the users way, my team helped me built a launchpad to house our tutorials and release notes. Finally, I was able to absorb platform level announcements and implement quarterly NPS surveys to monitor user engagement.
The key to success is building intuitive & human centered design. I was fortunate to have a deep pool of users to test new features and flows. My team utilized Maze as it allowed honest feedback on whether the build resonated with the intended audience. Failure is inevitable. It is through those mistakes that you learn how a user interacts with your product.