Year - 2020-2021

Cultivate & grow.

MNG 2005

Design Management
Creative Direction
UX/Product Design
Build upon a strong brick & mortar business and develop a more cohesive set of brands that would reflect company values. I created a framework, design language, and site with new assets that would help each brand stand-out. All while building a creative team to master the new marketing campaigns.
  • Product lines contained as many as 43 variants, managing pages was difficult.
  • A lack of user process planning & poor navigation resulted in high bounce rates.
  • Users were not able to benefit from the wealth of knowledge store employees offered.
PDP pages use variation selectors to drastically reduce page count required for product lines.
User interviews aid in understanding motivation and pathing. Conversion rates were increased by 3% by overhauling the checkout process.
Guided surveys were built so customers could answer a series of questions that select 3-6 products to best fit their needs.
Sitemap & Pathing
After audit, I created a sitemap to better understand where to focus our efforts. Refining categories and proper placement of 2000 SKU was a valuable first step. Business stakeholders wanted to emphasize its nationwide brick and mortar locations. It was imperative that users have a seamless transition from site to store.
Wireframe & Design
Once user journeys required for MVP were complete, I pivoted to building components to utilize across the site. A design system was needed along with custom iconography to aid in differentiating the brand. Through continual testing I was able to create a robust filtering system to keep users on task with minimal effort.
Brand &
MNG is not only the parent company of retailer'sCBD Kratom and Mr. Nice Guy, but manufacturer of over 10 package brands with a vast product portfolio.
Design Language
Consistency in design language and brand standards was difficult to maintain as creative was previously outsourced to freelancers. The beeZbee brand, being the most successful of the package brands, contained the deepest product library. Positioned to be approachable and affordable to the average consumer, the branding needed to be informative and clean but stand out in the medicine cabinet.
Brand Revamp
Mr Nice Guy is a heritage brand the business wanted to rework with a more modern and playful aesthetic. Using the original logo as a baseline I was able to create a family of logos and iconography stakeholders were proud of and customers would be proud to identify with.